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Helping Custom The 24GHz mmWave radar sensor PCB-Harware work by ShiningMan

Our team do have a wide range of tasks and mmWave radar sensor is of course a very special one among them. And recently we have a nice client seeking help from us. The company is gonna developing a new project using our IR24VDA mmWave radar sensor and need it soldered like all those components onto a PCB to be controlled by ESP32. Therefore, we agreed that we will have everything in place and for testing, the customer will prepare the example of ESP32 himself to test instead of using RX TX…

The whole thing was very smooth where we had nice conversation and always open to discussion between both parties. We look forward to a very long and stable partnership!

The Episode-Remediating the mmWave radar sensor, the life line

The IR24VDA 24G mmWave radar sensor and the PCB customed for the client

The customer asked for soldering the pin header so he may test using ESP32 after receiving them

How does it look like for the real thing