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2.13 inch E-Paper Weather Station

What is this solution for?

Recently, we have got some domestic inquiry on developing a E-paper display-based canlendar that’s gonna display also the weather information from WiFi.

So, quickly reviewing what we have at the moment, Shiningman thought of an idea using 2.13 inch E-paper from GoodDisplay GDEY0213B74 250×122 SSD1680 for a simple, easy use EPD Weather Station (in the demo we used a Chinese API but later on you can change it into any other you like.)

And that’s not display size-restraint since you can have whatever size the display to show you those information as long as you have the right EPD driver for it. In our client case, we will later on do a 4.2 inch E-paper display using GDEY042T81 and if possible we will update more details and we will have more features for this project. (If the client permits us :))

Github Repository

The GDEY0213B74_2.13 inch E-paper display demo video performing fast update and partial update

What we wish to do starting from this?

Well, for now we only have this simple but easy demo solution but later on we may consider replacing with a larger panel. The MCU we use now is a ESP32S2 dev board from VCC-GND Studio in China, the supplier Freddie likes purchasing things.

Okay, right now I still have many of that ESP32S2 boards left and if anyone wishes to have one to play with our E-paper displays please feel free to contact us!!! We will present with you good options for ordering items.